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Setup and configuration of Asterisk

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Services and prices

Table of value
Type of work
Installing and configuring Asterisk
from 500 €
Displaying calls on your computer
from 600 €
Integration with CRM, 1C, Telegram and others.
from 1 000 €
Sophisticated voice menus
from 200 €
Voice robots and speech recognition
from 400 €
Routing of call depending on region
from 250 €
A client, calling back the missed one, gets on the employee who called him/her
from 450 €
Repeated call is transferred to the last employee
from 350 €
Setting up a personal manager
from 250 €
from 400 €
Auto Call with Feedback, Informing
from 600 €
Monitoring and evaluation of service quality
from 1 100 €
Working with cell phones
from 150 €
Conference call, prompter, audition
from 200 €
Operator Workplace Development
from 650 €
Monitoring, reports, statistics
from 200 €
The embodiment of any ideas for Asterisk
from 30 € / hour

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Asterisk installation, configuration and implementation
Asterisk installation, configuration and implementation
The implementation of Asterisk is always individual, and for it to go smoothly, we make a plan for the transition: the basic and the fallback. Issues of SIP-number porting are worked out in advance with the technical support of service providers, we discuss in detail the dial plan, routing of calls, etc. This is especially important if you are switching to Asterisk. This is especially important if you move from an old PBX. We offer proven solutions which have proven to be excellent.
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Creating Modules for Asterisk
Creating Modules
for Asterisk
The beauty of Asterisk is its flexibility, and the fun part starts after installation. Having implemented many complex projects and studied the world's best practices for their implementation - we know exactly how to approach any task. Today for us there is no project that we can't solve with Asterisk.
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Using Asterisk in practice

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