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Integration of Asterisk and 1C

Connection 1C and Asterisk turnkey, with no restrictions on users and with source code

Our offer for those who appreciate reliability in business and their time

You are completely safe and independent even from us

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Basic integration of 1C and Asterisk

The cost of the standard integration is included:
Type of work
Package cost
Unlimited number of users and open source code
We do all the work in 1C
Reconfigure Asterisk
Outgoing calls by the button
Dialing a phone using a keypad in 1C
Display client card on incoming call
Working with new clients
Report designer with filtered missed calls
Listening to conversations from 1C
Call Log
The cost of services TOTAL
from 2 000 €

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Additional integration of 1C and Asterisk

In addition we implement the following most often:
Type of work
Personal managers
from 250 €
Telephony panel
from 200 €
Automated customer quality survey system (after call/order))
from 1 100 €
Absence from work / vacation
from 300 €
Call duplication to a cell phone specified in 1C
from 350 €
Implementation of call tracking and end-to-end analytics
from 900 €
Employee performance evaluation system
from 400 €
Advanced reporting
from 200 €
Separation of wiretapping rights
from 200 €
Bringing long-awaited ideas to life
from 30 €/hour

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Using Asterisk in practice

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