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Maintenance and support for Asterisk

No minute of phone downtime with proactive monitoring

For those who know the cost of downtime - we offer a range of measures to improve the reliability of Asterisk

A systematic approach to Asterisk telephony service

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Services and Prices

Cost Table
Type of work
Asterisk support: remote and on-site
from 15 €/30 min
Urgent troubleshooting
from 30 €/30 min
High priority response for customers with a subscription
from 2 €/number/month
Diagnostics, audit, recommendations
from 150 €
Implementation of proactive monitoring
from 200 €
from 100 €
High Availability, clusters on Docker containers
from 1 500 €
SLA for critical services
from 500 €

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Monitoring Implementation
Monitoring Implementation
It's too ineffective to do an emergency problem-solving exercise. The right thing to do is to conduct an audit and identify weaknesses to bring the system into a reliable state. Then you need to implement monitoring with notification of parameter deviations from the norm. The minimum includes active and passive security setup, plus backup of critical data and settings.
Ideally, when there is no single server responsible for telephony, but several parallel servers. Then the Asterisk telephony system works with high availability and automatically switches to the available server
Request for Asterisk audit and monitoring implementation
SLA service contract
SLA service contract
There are two models of service for telephony:
- The traditional one is familiar to all: there is a package of hours per month, the executor responds and solves the problem in Asterisk.
- SLA service comes from Europe and USA. This kind of contract carries a lot of motivation and even excitement. Contractor undertakes to maintain a high level of availability of Asterisk telephony and in the case of problems eliminates them within the predetermined period of time. For violation of Asterisk high quality the amount of monthly fee is reduced.
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