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Automated phone call system for office PBX


Automation Software Service has developed an auto call service, allowing you to call thousands of customers and debtors without lifting the handset. Automated phone calls can be used both for offering goods to new customers, and for feedback with existing contractors. Auto phone calls help to set up debt alerts, inform your clients on new salespromotions and promotional offers. Auto phone calls can be used for service quality assessment and feedback.


How it works

Auto phone call service works with the database of numbers provided by the company. The subscriber picks up the phone and hears an audio clip with an offer from the customer’s company. Automated phone call provided by Automation Software Service is unique as it gives you a feedback following the list of options that you choose. For example, a client is interested in an offer, but is currently busy. In this case, the client presses the “call back later” button, and the auto-dialer will dial the number after a certain period of time. When a client wants to get a more detailed consultation, they can choose to redirect a call and talk to a specialist.

If the number specified in the Asterisk auto dialer database is busy or unavailable, the auto dialer system will dial it later, guided by the specified algorithm. The number of repeated calls in the auto-dialer program and the time interval between them can be adjusted. The time for making the call is also adjusted. To not disturb people too late or early, working hours can be adjusted as well. If the database used by Asterisk autodial contains numbers from other time zones, you can set up a separate time to automatically call customers. It is also necessary to take into account the working hours of the managers holding the calls in case a customer chooses to talk to a specialistfor a more detailed conversation. In order to ensure that the client will get a consultation, before calling, the automatedphone call system checks the activity of the manager lines. The program will make a call only if there is a specialist available on the line.


Why Asterisk auto phone call system isuseful for enterprises

After making calls to customers and debtors, the auto-calling system generates a statistic report sent to you via e-mail. The report indicates the number of received and missed calls, information about the option selected the most by the customers. This will make it possible to say which of the offered services are in demand and how to make the process of getting information more convenient. The advantage of  using auto phone calls is that you can reach a large audience without being distracted from your main job. You can also reduce the number of managers, because almost all the work will be performed by the auto phone call system. Your managers will only communicate with those customers who are interested in products.


Automated customer service quality assessment

Asterisk auto phone call system can be used to evaluate customer service quality. This service will be especially relevant for car dealers, owners of service centers, beauty salons, medical centers. You can start auto-calling a client automatically after their visit, for example, when closing a cash document. With an auto-calling system integrated into  1C, poll results are automatically transferred into the 1C database with the possibility of further quality servicedynamic analysis. The tables and graphs will show changes over time, as well as individual performance indicators of specialists and managers.


How to set up the auto phone call system?

In order to start using the system , first of all, you need to get access to Asterisk. If a company does not have aPBX installed, we can install and set Asterisk. To make outgoing calls, you need to set up an external line with the number for auto phone calls only. You also need a database of numbers (Excel table is enough). The company provides an audio clip that is played when customers  receive an automated call, as well as audio clips for playback when various options are selected.


How SIP Asterisk auto phone call system works

A special folder for subscribers database and audio clip files is created on your computer. Asterisk auto phone call system is activated. You can independently start and, if desired, interrupt the automated calling, edit database information and audio clips. The results of calls and button presses are stored in the Asterisk database, including the SIP channel that was used to make a call.


How Asterisk auto phone call system saves your money

  • Payback. You can reduce salary costs and the estimated payback period is only 1 month
  • Automation. Managers will not forget to call customers, the system will do it for them.
  • Reliability. Even dissatisfied customers will get a call, there will be no exceptions
  • Openness. PsychologicallyIt is much easier to express your dissatisfaction touching upon the disadvantages of servicing to an automated system than to a real person.
  • Anonymity. Privacy settings let you hide client’s personal data so it will not be shown in the results database, or you can make this information unavailable for managers.


Companies that Asterisk Auto Dial will Help ...

Send order status notifications

  • Transport companies, delivery services
  • Online stores
  • Advertising and production companies: publishing houses, printing centers
  • Service companies
  • Car services, auto repair shops
  • Car parts stores
  • Service centers, workshops
  • Taxi services
  • Car surveyors and insurance companies
  • Dry cleaners, laundries, ateliers

Send appointment reminders (including customer feedback)

  •  Medical centers
  • Car services, auto repair shops
  • Beauty salons, SPA centers
  • Photo Studios
  • Multifunctional Centers (MFC)
  • Insurance companies

Send Debt Notifications

  • Credit organizations: banks, microloan organizations
  • Shopping centers, business centers, office spaces, entertainment centers
  • Utility companies: housing and communal services, homeowners associations, management companies, utility providers

Learn customer service ratings

  • Car dealers
  • Medical centers (doctors)
  • Service centers, workshops
  • Beauty salons, fitness centers, sports clubs
  • Restaurants, clubs
  • Taxi services

Find new customers

  • Trading organizations
  • Service companies
  • Photo Studios
  • Travel agencies
  • IT/1C companies
  • Linguistic centers and language schools
  • Food deliveries