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Server Software Development


Разработка серверного ПО в процессе

Разработка серверного ПО, код

Automation Software Service has rich experience in developing server software. The most complex system developed by us is processing software for payment systems. The most difficult option is used in the UAE and, in addition to a well-developed database, processing uses equipment to make payments. So, part of the payments is made using USSD-requests of GRPS-modems, and other payments are automatically activated by SMS.

Most of the software we developed works under Linux, the other part runs under Windows or is cross-platform and can work under any operating system.

Server software can be written in different languages that have their own specifics. In our daily work we use:

  • python
  • php
  • c / c ++
  • 1C
  • delphi
  • ruby
  • java

and we even have experience in developing payment processing on Ada.

Server software is usually associated with high-speed processing and transmission of data, the issuance of information, reports, monitoring.

You can learn the details by phone +7 (3852) 50-32-90