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Providing freelance programmer with office rental


Since 2006 we have been developing our own software projects, as well as developing custom software.

So, in more than 15 years, we have gathered not just a simple staff, but a real team of experienced developers with valuable experience and excellent knowledge of the best practice of writing high-quality code.

Since 2013, we began to practice outstaffing – we provide dedicated programmers for our clients who are fully engaged only in your tasks and no other.


Our prices for the service of a temporary developer are low because:

  1. We simply derive the necessary number of programmers from our projects (it is not critical for us to temporarily reduce the speed of our development).
  2. Our developers work in locations with favorable hourly rates.
  3. We do not transfer costs to the client during the downtime of programmers due to lower demand, because free programmers are involved in the development of their own projects.
  4. We can select different specialists not for the whole working day, or not for the full load during the whole working day (an employee can participate as necessary, for example, a project manager or analysts).


In addition, due to our own commercial projects, you get such advantages for free:

  1.  We do not give you inexperienced programmers, because new programmers are trained on our own projects so that you get a truly professional specialist.
  2. Our programmers are immediately ready to work in your or our team, because a friendly team is their usual nature of work.
  3. We have a low staff turnover, therefore you can count on long-term work with one programmer who knows all your specific features well.
  4. First of all, we are developers for ourselves, and therefore we are able to work correctly and efficiently, owning all modern methods and tools.
  5. We have a wide range of specialists: programmer (Python, 1C, Delphi, PHP, etc.), technical support specialist, system administrator, analyst, project manager (team lead).


What we offer and take upon ourselves

  • Provide you with an experienced high-level specialist for any period of 2 weeks.
  • Renting a programmer’s workplace in the office along with furniture, computers and all the amenities that an employee is used to.
  • Full payment of all taxes, vacation pay, sick leave for a devoted programmer.
  • Full accounting, personnel and legal support.
  • The ability to get group advice from a large team to quickly solve your problem.


What tasks does the temporary dedicated employee solve?

  • Perform tasks while on vacation, illness, or the dismissal of your specialist.
  • Temporarily expand your staff of programmers to the project.
  • Helping quickly and on time to complete an urgent "burning" project.
  • Perform atypical programming or administration tasks (outsourcing) for your organization.
  • Close the need for experienced personnel during the search and training of their own employees. 

The programmer assigned to you solves the tasks that you will be assigned to him. If necessary, you can connect a project manager to coordinate work and agree on development details with your other employees.


Our developers specialization list:

  • Python developer + Django + Flask
  • Salesforce developer
  • 1C developer
  • Developer of Delphi, LUA, PHP, etc.
  • Database Administrator: MySQL, PostgreSQL
  • Linux system administrator
  • System engineer of network equipment
  • Asterisk specialists
  • DevOps of cloud solutions AWS, Yandex Cloud, Google Cloud
  • QAs

Our offices are located in three convenient time zones: St. Petersburg (UTC +3), Tbilisi (UTC +4), Barnaul (UTC +7).