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Process of receiving payments for own services


On a paying basis. With registration. With SMS

Payment for services is a natural process, but in some cases this process can be problematic for both the payer and the service provider, for example:

  • your turnover is too small (local Internet providers, delivery service) and large payment systems are not profitable for you, so people have to go to your office to pay for your services - it’s not convenient for everyone;
  • you have a self-service company (car wash, laundry, etc.) and the maintenance of a real cashier on the spot is not included in your plans - what to do?
  • you have a stream of payments of the same type (a sports club, an amusement park, a zoo), and the cashier can leave somewhere for lunch, or look for change for a long time, which collects a queue – that’s enough!

Concluding an agreement with the federal payment system is not cheap. You should also have a certain monthly turnover. But if you have only one office or several of them, then the conclusion of an agreement with a payment system is completely impractical.

Our company has extensive experience in solving such problems - it is the organization and automation of payment acceptance in any activity, without the use of payment systems! Our software allows you to create your “own provider” button - a unique user provider that is not found in any payment system. This allows you to accept payments for an unlimited range of services.


What should we do?

It is necessary to purchase the required number of payment terminals and install special software on them. Our experts will help you choose all the components and even send a fully configured and ready-to-work terminal to any city!

Flexible configuration of the software interface allows you to add your own button to the terminal display, and you can already start automatically accepting payments without a cashier!

A button with payment for your services can be either the only one or the first among other services on the terminal. You can add any number of your buttons, accept payments with and without commission.


Key features of an electronic cashier:

  • display of any information (text, images, video, etc.);
  • intuitive interface, all the necessary buttons are displayed at the right time;
  • information input forms can be of any complexity (including passwords);
  • the ability to read information from barcodes, magnetic cards, etc.
  • you can refill your account, pay for services, get change;
  • setting up an individual check text for different services;
  • adding buttons to pay for other classic payments (mobile communications, the Internet, electronic money, loans, money transfers, etc.);
  • support for more than 10 popular payment systems;
  • web monitoring for real-time monitoring of the status of the terminal and its devices, display of all operations, reports and statistics, graphics and analytics;
  • special web monitoring adapted for phones and devices with small screens;
  • the ability to set different commission (fixed and in percentage, differentiated depending on the amount deposited);
  • automatic accrual and payment of salaries to employees through the terminal;
  • informing the client about the success of his operation by SMS or automatic voice call.
  • sending payment information by e-mail, sms, http, https, ftp or in several ways at the same time, with flexible configuration of the data transfer package;
  • online verification of the possibility of payment and the output of information about debt, name, address, recommended payment and other information from your server or accounting system;
  • online cash desk in the terminal, work in accordance with the Federal Law No. 54;
  • control of controllers and external devices: access systems, locks, automation;
  • data input on the screen or using a physical keyboard;
  • enter the amount on the keyboard (for systems without a bill acceptor);
  • integration with any other systems and software;
  • flexible configuration or creating your own interface design;
  • the order of any new functions, refinement of existing ones or turnkey fine-tuning.


You will not be left alone with the terminal

If you have more important matters than delving into the boring setup and documentation, then our specialists are ready to help you:

  • designers will create the entire visual part of the interface (in accordance with your corporate identity) - input forms, buttons, etc.;
  • technical experts will configure the program exactly as you need, in accordance with the technical specifications and coordination at all stages of work;
  • programmers will add all the necessary functions, up to changes to your server, create missing modules, integrate the system with your database or accounting system;
  • all work will be surely checked and tested;
  • when buying a terminal from us, you get a fully configured and ready-to-work terminal. Drivers and devices will be configured as needed, all the necessary software will be installed correctly. There will be no problems with equipment compatibility even with individual equipment of the terminal. You just have to plug the terminal into a power outlet;
  • you can always ask for any technical support via hotline, mail and skype; a section on the website with documentation and forum are also at your service.


Ready-made solutions

Over the years, we have implemented so many projects for receiving payments that we can even call them standard and tell more about their functioning:


Internet and cable TV providers

In each city, in addition to powerful federal communication service providers, there are usually several local companies whose small client base does not allow such a provider to register in the payment system and accept payments for their services everywhere.

We offer these companies to purchase a terminal and install it at the sales office, as well as at several other places in the city. In addition to the fact that the organization does not deduct commission from payments to any processing, it also has the opportunity to earn by receiving bonuses for accepting payments for standard services (mobile communications, loans, etc.), and including a commission for paying competitors at your terminal.


Charity and Donation Funds

We have helped to replace acrylic urns with locks with modern payment terminals for several charitable organizations that receive charitable contributions for treatment, the maintenance of shelters for homeless animals, the development of socially significant non-profit organizations, etc. And here are the results that were obtained:

  • thanks to separate sections for accepting coins and banknotes, more money can be accommodated, the need for frequent collection is reduced;
  • money is safely stored in the terminal box and will not be stolen;
  • a terminal decorated in the style of a charitable organization is recognizable and credible;
  • at one terminal you can accept donations to any number of organizations;
  • by connecting the terminal to the server, you can monitor online how much has been collected and how much more needs to be collected in each case. This is a transparent scheme for the philanthropist and it is also credible;
  • the owner of the terminal online, from any devices is capable of downloading a web page, monitoring the statistics of fees (including the current amount and forecast), monitoring the operation of the software and the terminal in general.



The construction of neighborhoods with small studio apartments, hostels, apart-hotels causes the demand for the development of public laundries. And we turn them from ordinary launderettes to fully automatic laundries!

A payment terminal with installed software becomes an administrator which not only accepts the order and payment, but also launches washing machines, drying, and shows how long it takes to wait for this or that machine. And at the end it will notify about readiness and inform in web-monitoring about each sale and collection.

When using professional washing and drying machines, it is possible to interrogate the state of the device, errors and determine the washing status, the amount of powder and rinser.

After washing and drying, customers receive a notification that the order is ready. The constant presence of staff in such a laundry is not required at all. The payback period of a business is about one year.


Taxi Dispatch Services

This standard solution is more relevant for large dispatching taxis that already accept payments to their address, using expensive services of payment systems. We offer to create your own provider and gradually transfer the turnover to our own profitable system of receiving payments. Over time, drivers will only pay at your terminals and the dispatch service through a third-party payment system will go away, saving you from large regular payments to them.

More advantages of using your own payment terminals for taxi services:

  • The button to replenish your service is in plain sight, and not in the depths of the complex menu next to the buttons of your competitors.
  • The ability to charge a fee for payment is doubly beneficial!
  • When paying, the debt, name, car number and other driver data will be displayed.
  • Each driver can be issued a card with his personal barcode, accelerating the entry of his callsign number.
  • An optional opportunity to accept payment for standard services, after pressing an additional button.
  • Ability to completely change the interface in accordance with your corporate identity.
  • Sending a notification after payment.
  • Display on the display of commercial information.
  • Additional receipt of all payments in real time by e-mail, daily unloading of the daily register of all payments in csv / xls format.
  • Flexible integration with any database and accounting systems.
  • Implementation of any of your ideas and adding features that are not yet available.


Sports and development clubs

Visitors to sports clubs (fitness rooms, swimming pools, dance clubs, yoga centers, etc.) value their time and do not like to queue, so the cash register and touch kiosk in one equipment is the most suitable option. Here are its main features in this direction:

  • the terminal acts as an info board - contact information, class schedule, important announcements - all this can be placed on the main page and changed in real time;
  • the terminal accepts payment for your gym membership or one-time visits. Everything is simple and intuitive, with all the necessary fields to fill out and description of sections and the types of membership cards. The administrator will only have to check the payment receipt;
  • the terminal can accept payment for any other services - place a button with the transition to the payment of standard payments and receive bonuses from payment systems;
  • the owner of the terminal can place advertising information on the terminal display on a commercial basis;
  • the owner has the ability to control the entire operation of the terminal online, at any time.


Parks of culture, entertainment and recreation

A payment terminal in a recreation park is an effective way to simplify and speed up the process of acquiring tickets, save time for visitors and employees:

  • Our terminals accept payment for any services (entrance ticket, attraction, zoo, ice rink, etc.). The visitor on the terminal screen selects the service he needs, enter the necessary amount and receives a receipt for payment or a pass ticket with a barcode (for the turnstile);
  • The terminal is a multimedia source of information (including commercial), which is an info board, help ing desk, and a map of the park. It can also act as a guestbook with reviews and suggestions that are sent directly to the park administration's e-mail.

Self-service terminals for modern amusement parks are a symbiosis of equipment and software, its configuration is selected depending on the required tasks.


Restaurants, entertainment and night clubs

The development of this area is associated with the need to monitor the solvency of customers, evaluate their own level, and control the quality of services. In the arsenal of our developments there is a solution for establishments in which employees receive cash monetary gratitude from visitors.

The employee contributes the received tip to the terminal. Thus, you can track who, for what and how much is earning. At the end of the working day, the device gives the employee his honestly earned cash and bonuses according to the results of work.

Terminal features:

  • authorization of employees (before making operations on the terminal, the employee enters his password);
  • receipt of funds earned by an employee for his work;
  • individual collection of commission, a fine or accrual of a bonus to employees;
  • at the end of the working day, the issuance of salaries and bonuses based on the tip received;
  • setting up the terminal and software - from any place of the world - online! Monitoring and receiving payments in real time by e-mail, daily uploading of a daily register of all payments in csv / xls format.
  • any other additional features and capabilities you need.


Acceptance of payments for housing services

The payment terminal is installed in the office of the house management company, in the entrance of a residential building, on the campus of the educational institution ...

The terminal is able to remind about the period of meter readings and accept input of readings, after authorization of the user to show his accounts and debts and accept payment for them.

In parallel, users have the opportunity to quickly and conveniently pay for other popular services, for which the owner receives encouragement from payment systems (mobile communications, loans, etc.).

The software has a number of tools to attract and retain customers. The software allows you to conduct promotions and bonus programs (for example, when making a payment - from 5 to 100 rubles per account as a gift), differentiated commissions for various users, full exemption from commission for VIP users, and much more.

Along with notifications about the status of the payment, you can send residents text messages of an advertising and informational nature, news, recommendations, reminders, congratulations ... anything!

The terminal does not require special care, relieves the work of the accounting department, simplifies the work of the cashier.

The owner receives financial, technical and analytical information about the terminal online, even from any mobile device!


As you can see, our development has an unlimited number of areas of application, it all depends on your ideas and tasks for business automation. Despite the small initial investment in the purchase of software and a touch terminal, it is profitable, convenient and modern. Electronic cashiers work daily 24 hours a day, are not late for work, do not leave at the wrong time, behave culturally and look neat. Moreover,  you do not need to pay them salary at all - direct payback in just a few months. And your customers will appreciate the new level of your payment service: no queues and waiting.

Send us a description of your idea and we will figure out how to realize it in a short time.