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PJSIP on Asterisk and FreePBX setting up


We would like to tell you why we use PJSIP in Asterisk and what it is. Whether we like it or not, PJSIP is an inevitability that may or may not be pleasant for us.

In simple words, PJSIP is a new tool in Asterisk for working with SIP protocol. PJSIP is not a raw module - it has been under development since 2005 and at the moment it is the most modern module for working with the SIP protocol.

PJSIP replaced the old SIP module, which is deprecated and is not supported by the Asterisk developer. Despite this fact, almost 100% of companies and specialists still install and work with the old SIP driver.

Moreover, starting with Asterisk version 13, the channel PJSIP driver is already included in the Asterisk and it does not need to be installed separately (but PJSIP requires a separate configuration, as well as the old SIP driver).

What gives the new channel PJSIP driver:

  • flexibility of adjustment (more freedom to scale);
  • better voice traffic over networks with NAT (i.e., when there are remote offices and branches);
  • long-term developer support (unlike the old SIP, which is no longer supported);
  • the ability to have paired telephones on one internal number (as before in analog telephone exchanges).

PJSIP does not require any other new equipment, as this is just a more advanced software implementation of the SIP protocol from the Asterisk PBX.


We highly recommend using in PJSIP.

If your PBX Asterisk or FreePBX uses the old SIP, we can carry out work on the transfer to the new PJSIP module and set it up.

Our experts also support and configure PJSIP in Asterisk.

For remote setting-up of Asterisk and PJSIP it does not matter which city you are in.