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Multichannel, landline and 8-800 numbers


We offer inexpensive city multichannel numbers for 199 ruble per month.

The cost of calls (on the example of the Altai Territory region):

  • Landline (Barnaul) 0.69 rubles.
  • Russia (except for Barnaul) 0.99 rubles.
  • Mobile phones: 1.49 rubles.

If you make a lot of calls to other cities then you can buy numbers from other regions and use the local number when calling to a specific city. In this case, you will save your own and you client’s money – they would be dialing a local number when calling to your company

The PBX is configured in such a way that there is a channel for each dialed number. Your employees do not even need to think how to make a call, the PBX will save money on phone calls every day.


8-800 numbers

In addition to city numbers, we provide 8-800 numbers at more than affordable rates.

The cost of a call is from 2 rubles per 1 minute, regardless of a number or a region the call comes from (excluding VAT). If you pay for a 8-800 number you get a Moscow city number for free.

All numbers are connected via SIP, but can be transferred to another city or mobile phone number.


Mobile numbers in PBX

You can create landline numbers, free 8-800 numbers and mobile numbers in PBX.

Megafon numbers can be set up via SIP using free Multifon service. In this case, the SIM card can be in the phone and the call will be directed to both a mobile and a PBX phone system. This is convenient because you can answer your cell phone when you are not in the office and when you return to the office, you can answer the office phone.

Other mobile operators can be connected to the PBX by using a GSM modem or special GSM gateways. This way you can receive and make calls and send SMS using regular SIM cards. This is very convenient when:

  1. You have an advertised mobile number and do not want to give it up right away.
  2. You want to reduce the cost of calls to mobile phones; you can make free calls with a low monthly fee (one-operator calls are often free).