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How to choose and buy a digital PBX? Main Features of PBX settings


With us you can buy a digital PBX with Asterisk software and integrate it with various systems. Asterisk can be integrated with 1C, Telegram, WhatsApp, any website and CRM systems. Such integrations have been implemented and are widely used now. Digital PBX purchase is relevant for modern enterprises. It will be convenient to buy a PBX not only for receiving calls, but also for solving other problems. By purchasing a digital PBX with extended features, you will provide convenient and reliable communication between employees and customers of your company.


How to choose the necessary software to set up a PBX?

While working, we communicate with the heads of commercial and technical departments of different enterprises and with company leaders. It is important to take into account the technical conditions, company structure and customer wishes. We analyze this information so that you can buy the best PBX that meets all your requirements.

Sometimes there is a situation when a company has already bought an office PBX, but it does not use all its capabilities. In this case, our task is to talk everything through and choose the most suitable software developments. If you decide to buy a digital PBX, make sure that you have a stable internet connection. This condition is important for the stable operating of your digital PBX.


You can buy and set up automatic PBX even being in another region!

Our experts can set up a PBX either on-site, visiting a customer, or remotely. During remote installation, our specialists can use a separate computer or a company’s virtual private server. Buying a digital PBX is a reliable solution for enterprises that care about data security and privacy. To install a digital PBX with Asterisk software, you do not need open access to all the data; a protected virtual address mode will be enough.

You can buy a digital PBX and provide a full configuration with data or an empty configuration without data for further integration. For example, you want to buy a PBX and integrate it with 1C, while keeping your list of counterparties private. You provide us with your empty configuration and we make all the necessary changes to it. You simply apply this configuration to your data.

Remote configuration of digital PBX allows us to cooperate with customers from other cities and even develop modules for clients abroad.


Asterisk software digital PBX is individual and open for improvements

Avtomation Software Service offers its customers a PBX with individual configurations. Asterisk software PBX  is not your ready-made version where an alteration is impossible and you have to use the specified functionality. Your digital PBX will develop along with your enterprise. You can buy a PBX and complete the system later: change call redirection schemes; make software changes minding changing business processes; create new modules, integrations and other non-standard settings.

We work with the companies that already have telephony installed - it is possible to diagnose and refine digital PBX settings using Asterisk software. Our specialists can set up a digital PBX on-site or remotely. Usually it takes no more than a few hours.


Who is involved in the maintenance of a digital PBX?

You can buy an office PBX with the choice of a company that will keep its maintenance and modernization. You can entrust this to us, another organization, or carry out maintenance yourself. You are not tied to one company.

Buying a digital PBX means you provide your company with reliable IP telephony. Our experts guarantee a result. If necessary, a service contract is drawn up.


How much does it cost to buy a digital PBX?

The cost of setting up a digital Asterisk software PBX varies. It depends mainly on the technical conditions of the enterprise: the number of external and internal lines and the specifics of their connection are taken into account. The price of a digital PBX depends on a set of functions.


What phones are used for setting up a digital PBX?

In order for the digital PBX to work, you need to use ordinary SIP phones. However, it is possible to use old analog telephone sets as well.

SIP phones can be wired, wireless or with Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunication technology. You can buy SIP phones of various brands. We recommend buying SIP phones of well-known brands: Panasonic, Siemens Gigaset, Cisco or D-Link. There are also SIP phones of lesser-known brands at a lower cost, for example, Yealink or Grandstream.