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Yealink T19P E2 setup instructions


How to set up Yealink T19P E2 to work with Asterisk

Yealink T19P E2 wired phone has a convenient setup process (much easier, more convenient and more intuitive than Panasonic SIP phones)

1. We take it out of the box, plug it into an outlet and into a local network

To set up the phone, it will be enough to take out of the box only the phone itself (the handset is optional) and the power supply unit.

Also, the phone must be connected to the local network, the LAN port is on the back. The LAN cable connects to a port named "internet".

* The second "PC" port, located nearby, is intended for connecting a computer if you plan to use a single cable to connect both a phone and a computer. This is convenient if the number of LAN sockets is limited in your office and the built-in swith in the phone allows you to do the set-up without a single LAN socket for your phone and computer.

Достаем из коробки SIP-телефон Yealink T19P E2 для настройки с Asterisk

2. Find the IP address

It is very easy to find out which IP address is issued to the phone - you need to press:

Menu -> Status

3. Set up the login, password and address of the Asterisk server via the WEB interface

Since the web interface on Yealink devices is always on, you can immediately start setting up the phone through the browser.

Enter the IP address of the phone into the browser on the computer (in our example, the phone address is

Для настройки SIP телефона Yealink T19P E2 вводим логин admin и пароль admin

The default login and password from the web interface for the Yealink T19P E2 SIP phone are:

Login: admin

Password: admin

Next, go to the Account tab and in the settings set the parameters of the SIP account for communicating with the Asterisk server.

Как настроить SIP-аккаунт для связи телефона Yealink T19P E2 для работы с Asterisk

In the Registration name and User name parameters, specify the internal phone number (for example, 26), which must be configured for this telephone set.

In the Password field, enter the password for the SIP account.

In the SIP server address parameters, set the Asterisk server address (for example,

If the phones are in the same local network, then we indicate the internal address of the Asterisk server.

* If the phones are located at remote sites (behind NAT), then we indicate the external address of the Asterisk server (no other settings from the side of the Yealink T19P E2 device are required when working behind NAT).

Press the Save button.

4. Checking the connection with Asterisk

It is very easy to check if the phone is registered with the Asterisk server. To do this, you do not need to switch to another tab, just look at the first line of the Registration status. After saving the settings, the phone needs a few seconds to register, after which the message Registered appears.

You can also visually check it on the telephone itself. The main screen of a successfully registered Yealink T19P E2 looks like this (in our case, the number 26 in the upper left corner):Как проверить зарегистрировался ли на Asterisk телефон Yealink T19P E2