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Instructions for setting up the Panasonic KX-TGP600 base and TPA60 handset


How to set up Panasonic KX-TGP600 base and TPA60 handsets to work with Asterisk

Cordless phones Panasonic TGP600 has a traditional setup process for this manufacturer.

Let's consider the process of configuring handsets using the example of a remote office located behind NAT (not on a local network). The setup process behind NAT is practically the same as if the TGP600 base was located in the office on the same local network as Asterisk.


1. We take it out of the box, plug it into an outlet and into a local network

To set up the phones, it is enough to get out of the box: the base with its power supply unit, as well as the telephone radio receiver and its batteries.

The Panasonic TGP600 base needs to be connected to a local network, the LAN port is on the left, next to the power jack.

Распаковываем базу Panasonic KX-TGP600 и трубку TPA60 для настройки


2. Registration of additional TPA60 handsets based on TGP600

The handset that comes with the base does not require additional steps to register at the base. Therefore, this step can be skipped.

When connecting additional handsets, it is necessary to "make friends" (register) new additional handsets with the base.

For this:

  1. Press the button on the side (next to the STATUS indicator) on the TGP600 base for a few seconds.
  2. On the phone, also for 3 seconds, hold the OK button until "WAIT ..." appears.

If the handset is successfully registered to the base, after a while the phone will automatically reboot.

Как соединить телефон TPA60 с базой TGP600


3. We turn on the built-in WEB interface

It is most convenient to configure the Panasonic KX-TGP600 phone through the WEB interface, which is disabled by default in SIP phones from this manufacturer.

The web interface is enabled via the menu on the phone panel:

Setting Handset (bottom left icon) -> Other Option -> Embedded Web -> On

Now the built-in web interface is enabled and we can access its settings through the browser. For this we need to know the IP address.

Out of the box, the phone is configured to obtain an IP address via DHCP and in most cases this is more correct and more convenient than setting a static IP for the phone.


4. Finding the IP addres

To find out what IP address is issued to the phone, you need to go to the menu:

System Settings (bottom center icon) -> Status -> IPv4 Settings -> IP Address


5. Configure the login, password and address of the Asterisk server via the WEB interface

Enter the IP address of the phone into the browser on the computer (in our example, the phone address is

If you see the error "Unable to access the site. The timeout for a response from the site has been exceeded", then most likely the WEB interface has timed out and you need to enable it again (Setting Handset -> Other Option -> Embedded Web - > On).

Настройка SIP телефона Panasonic KX-HDV 100, не удалось подключиться к web-интерфейсу

If everything is right, the login and password for access to the web interface will be requested.

Какой логин и пароль к web интерфейсу Panasonic KX-HDV 100, по умолчанию admin и adminpass

The default login and password from the web interface for the Panasonic KX-TGP600 SIP phone are:

Login: admin

Password: adminpass

Taking into account that the web interface turns itself off, there is almost no point in changing the password for most organizations, everything is already safe.

Next, go to the VoIP => SIP Settings -> Line 1 tab and in the single line settings set the parameters of the SIP account for communication with the Asterisk server.

Настройка SIP-аккаунта на вкладке VoIP, телефон Panasonic KX-TGP600

In the Phone Number and Authentication ID parameters, specify the internal phone number (for example, 601) that must be configured for this telephone.

In the Authentication Password parameter, specify the password for the SIP account.

In the Registrar Server Address, Proxy Server Address, Presence Server Address, Outbound Proxy Server Address parameters, specify the Asterisk server address.

If the phones are  in the same local network, then we indicate the internal address of the Asterisk server. In our example, the external address of the server is specified, since base and tubes are in another city.

Push the Save button.

* If the phones are  located at remote sites (behind NAT), then we indicate the external address of the Asterisk server (no other settings on the part of the Panasonic KX-TGP600 when working behind NAT are required).

In some cases (not always), if an unstable Internet channel is used for communication, on which the IP address can often change (for example, 3G or 4G mobile Internet), you can set the STUN server: Network -> STUN Settings

Как настроить STUN сервер для работы с 3G и 4G модемами на Panasonic TGP600


6. Checking the connection with Asterisk

To check if accounts (internal phones) are registered on the Asterisk server, go to the Status -> VoIP Status tab. If registration is successful, the VoIP Status column will indicate Registered.

If the server, username or password are specified incorrectly, the status will be indicated by Registering.

Как проверить статус регистрации Panasonic KX-TGP600 на сервере Asterisk

You can also check it externally on the telephone itself. The main screen of Panasonic KX-TGP600-based TPA60 handsets successfully registered in Asterisk looks like this:

Как проверить успешно ли зарегистрирован телефон Panasonic KX-TPA60 на базе Panasonic KX-TGP600 с сервером Asterisk


7. Optional: handset signing, change of language to Russian

In order not to confuse the handsets, they can be signed:

Setting Handset (bottom left icon) -> Handset Name

Then instead of Handset 1 there will be your text indicating which handset belongs to.

Как подписать трубки Panasonic TPA60, имя вместо Handset 1

You can change the phone interface language here:

Setting Handset (bottom left icon) -> Language