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Dynamic phones to measure ad performance


No business is complete without advertising. Thanks to advertising, potential customers will learn about the proposed service or product, and may analyze the advantages of your company over competitors. Advertising will help you learn about promotions, special offers, expanding the range of goods and services, company innovations. People rely on trusted, familiar organizations. Attractive reviews create the quality of services and a positive customer experience, which is also impossible without effective advertising. After all, even the most unique and relevant proposal will not work if people do not know about it.


How to evaluate the effectiveness and cost of placing your ads?

In order to establish contact with the target audience, organizations use various advertising resources. This is a paid advertisement in Yandex.Direct and Google Adwords systems, 2GIS directory, Avito, partner sites. Advertising on leaflets and booklets, advertising in transport, outdoor advertising is also used.

Enterprises often have to spend large financial resources on advertising in order to collect the maximum audience of potential customers. Moreover, using different types of advertising, it is difficult to track which of them are more effective.

Of course, the easiest way to calculate statistics will be a direct question about how the client found out about the company. However, if you want to get such statistics more accurately and spending less time, you should think about automatization of the process.

Our company has developed the setting of dynamic addresses to collect such information. Getting to our site, the visitor sees a phone and e-mail for feedback, on which he can get expert advice and place an order. This data varies depending on which resource the client gets to the site. As a result, logging in from the Yandex search engine, you see one phone and email address, and logging in from Google - others.

Automation Software Service will help you set up dynamic addresses and phone numbers for your company. By specifying the appropriate number and email address for each advertising resource, you can record not only the channel through which the client found you. You will also find out revenue, average check, profitability, exact conversion of each channel. From this, the expediency of paid advertising is derived.


Which of the advertising channels is effective, and which brings losses?

Here are some examples. It may turn out that in response to the ads posted on Avito you receive a lot of calls. At the same time, the average check for such calls is 4 times less than with processed calls from other resources. So, if you want to receive orders for a large amount, you need to use other methods of advertising.

There is another situation: the organization places paid advertising in 2GIS and spends on it, for example, 30,000 rubles a month. And customers who come with paid advertising, make a profit of 35 000 rubles. It would seem beneficial. But without paid advertising in 2GIS, customers who come from this resource bring in revenue of 10,000. From this it follows that it is better to be placed on a free basis.


Set up dynamic phones to pinpoint conversions

A similar situation with expensive contextual advertising in Yandex and Google - how much real profit does it bring? Due to the fact that some customers make orders by phone or by e-mail, it is almost impossible to calculate the actual conversion of visitors to customers. But by adding another 4-6 numbers you can accurately calculate the profit and effectiveness of sales channels.

All data analysis can be linked to the 1C customer database. This is very convenient, since managers will not have to register statistics by polling and entering data: the system will automatically record calls and display data on a separate line. Information on contact channels and details of applications can also be systematized in the web interface.

Installing dynamic phone numbers and addresses will make your end-to-end analytics transparent and advertising the most effective.