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Digital PBX - a new generation of office telephony


Цифровая мини АТС по сравнению с калькулятором

We live in the age of rapid change and new technology, where time and information are valued beyond anything else. It is difficult to imagine the modern world without a successful communication network and the developed technical infrastructure necessary for this. The exceptional value of information with its large flow encourages people to develop new more efficient ways to obtain, distribute and store data.

Office phone system is an important communication channel. An incoming or outgoing call is a quick and convenient way to get the necessary information. In business, company interactions with its customers and partners depend on the productivity of call processing, which means that you need to pay special attention to these issues, including technical side, ensuring the quality of calls and their effectiveness.

Analog Office PBX

In order to make a customer-agent communication more time-effective, even a small company needs its own office PBX. Automatic telephone exchange is a device that transmits a call signal from one telephone set to another. There are various types of such stations.  First were analog office PBXs, they are used to this day. In this case connection between telephone sets is provided by wires and devices.

Analog PBXs and office PBXs (stations serving no more than two hundred numbers) are durable and reliable, but they have limited functionality. They support incoming calls and you can make outgoing calls as well. If you buy an analog mini office PBX, it will ensure the distribution of incoming calls between company employees, in some office mini PBXs there is a function for recording a conversation. However, if the company wants to expand its call management capabilities, there is a need to purchase, install and set additional boards for processing and distribution of calls. However, some restrictions cannot be overcome a priori. For example, if you buy an analog mini PBX with a certain limit of subscribers, then adding new ones when expanding the staff will be impossible. Not to mention the fact that an integration of an analog PBX with modern widely used resources (such as 1C Enterprise, email, WatsApp) is impossible.

Digital Office PBX

The next step towards progress and maximum call efficiency was the creation of digital exchanges and mini private branch exchanges. The installation of such stations is an excellent solution for modern developing companies. A digital PBX can be installed on a separate computer or on a virtual server, as a program. In addition to supporting standard options, a digital telephone exchange is convenient for its additional functionality, which can be adjusted to the needs of your company.

As the market competition is getting more and more intense, every incoming call is important. A timely received and well-processed call is a new client that can become a regular customer and the word of mouth can earn you several more. This determines the importance of setting up an office PBX. A digital PBX shows maximum potential.

Digital PBX setting options

With a programmed mini-PBX you can set complex non-linear schemes for transferring calls from one telephone to another. Call distribution settings can be performed before the caller connects to a specialist. In addition to using IVR - a voice router, where a person chooses the department themselves, it is possible to set the initial priority for making a call. For example, you can set up a digital telephone exchange for incoming calls so that the call will first go to the best employee, or to the person who received the least number of calls that day. Thus, employees can be rewarded and work responsibilities will be distributed evenly.

Another advantage a digital PBX gives you is that distance makes no difference! Phones of one organization can be located at a considerable distance from each other, even in different cities. The decision to buy a digital office PBX will be a very thoughtful choice for companies with regional branches. Intelligent call routing will automatically connect a person with a specialist in his region. The call time and call redirection can be adjusted, you can also choose to transfer the call to an agent cell phone regardless of their location.

Carefully thought-out call processing will let you always be in touch, so you never miss an important call!

Настройка офисных АТС

Digital PBX Integration with Other Systems

Integration of office PBX with various systems adds more advantages of using a digital PBX.

Your PBX can be integrated with CRM-systems, task management systems, 1C Enterprise software and other databases. This provides the most effective call management. Integrated databases allow you to get detailed information about a client even before the employee picked up the phone. It is possible to make outgoing calls directly from 1C Enterprise and receive notification of a missed calls in the form of an email. Calls can be transferred to your mobile phone.

The software is customizable, this makes the IP telephony system open for the necessary optimization. If desired, the user can contact the installer and reprogram the existing functionality, ask the developers for necessary updates, implement new ideas for setting up their corporate office mini-PBX or large digital PBX. The use of IP-telephony guarantees mobility and efficiency. If necessary, you can quickly reprogram the phone, the setup usually takes no more than a minute.  With a user-friendly web-interface you can easily set up a SIP phone yourself.

Office Digital PBX: call and notification management

Buying a digital telephone exchange is also recommended for those companies that value quality control first.

With the installation of a digital office telephone exchange, it becomes possible to record all conversations just using 1C Enterprise program. Call statistics is saved automatically. You can get a detailed report on incoming or outgoing calls: dialed number, time of a call, call duration, customer waiting time. Using a digital PBX you can record conversations. Recorded conversations will help in resolving controversies and improving the quality of customer service. You can listen to the conversation in order to brush up the necessary data about the client in your memory: e-mail, the names mentioned in a conversation or demanded services.

With a digital PBX in your office you will be informed on all performed operations! The client will know when the order is ready, they will get informed on execution status and delivery time using our SMS notification systems. Active phone app users will appreciate our new development enabling a user to send invoices and notifications via WhatsApp.

As you can see, the decision to buy a digital mini office PBX reveals a large number of opportunities and advantages. Efficient use of telephony is undoubtedly a good contribution to an effective business strategy. However, if your company is just starting to develop, and financial resources are limited you can try using cloud-based PBXs (office PBX rental). In this case, your data will be stored on the server of the provider owning a cloud PBX. The device is rented and has limited setting up options.