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Automatic call for manager’s conversation or order fulfillment monitoring and assessment


Old analogue telephone quality survey systems

There are many working, but outdated and expensive ways to control the quality of the sales department, service department, delivery, and others. All of them are based on manual or semi-automatic fixing of certain quality criteria, listening to each conversation for assessment, and similar methods for manually monitoring conversations.

The main disadvantage of such quality assessment is the need to maintain a large staff and pay a large regular salary. The coverage and quality of such an assessment suffer first of all with a smaller number of employees analyzing the quality of conversations. Besides, not every conversation is analyzed (one employee is able to evaluate no more than 50-60 conversations per day).


Automatic call polling for monitoring and evaluating the quality of a managers conversation and service

We will talk about fully automatic conversation analysis systems that require only one-time investments.

Features of our Asterisk-based automatic system for monitoring and evaluating the quality of telephone conversations:

  • one-time implementation costs are comparable to 1-2 months' pay for several employees
  • lack of regular payments, the system is in your possession
  • you get 100% phone calls coverage,
  • lack of human factor
  • the ability to receive estimates of completed orders (not directly related to the telephone conversation),
  • actual reports in the context of assessments to the employee and the degree of satisfaction of each client,
  • complete lack of regular payments.

We can integrate all these systems for monitoring and evaluating the quality of conversations based on Asterisk with 1C or CRM systems.

System for monitoring and evaluating the quality of phone calls of managers and operators in CRM or 1C


1. Automatic control and evaluation of the quality of the conversation immediately after the call

This assessment option is suitable for monitoring incoming telephone conversations with ordinary call center operators, or sales managers, and evaluating the technical support department.

So, after disconnecting an employee from a conversation, the system will automatically ask the client not to disconnect and answer a few questions.

Questions can be recorded independently or by a professional announcer.

Additional functions:

  • for voice acting, you can connect a voice robot (Yandex SpeechKit or Google Cloud Speech for TTS);
  • for answers you can use not only the buttons on the phone, but also answer with your voice (you can also recognize your voice with Yandex or Google, STT);
  • in addition to ratings, you can offer the client to leave a voice comment with his opinion on the quality of work;
  • the survey can be carried out not immediately, but after a specified time, automatically by outgoing call.


2. Automatic call to the client 30 minutes after the completed application

This option is suitable for evaluating customer service, delivery, technical service departure.

After the application is marked executed in 1C or CRM system, the customer is automatically called and queried after a specified time (for example, 30 minutes). In case the client does not answer and decides to call back, it is better to perform such an automatic survey of the quality of service from a separate telephone number. In this case, the system will unambiguously determine what its callback is associated with.

All the same additional options are possible as in the previous version (connecting the robot, the ability to respond with voice, leave a voice comment at the end of the survey). In addition to them, some new features are possible.

Additional functions:

  • if the client did not answer the automatic call of the quality control system and called back, the system will determine it, conduct a survey and assess the quality of the last closed order fulfillment;
  • for convenient closing of applications in 1C or CRM system, you can use the mobile application.


3. Analysis by the speech volume of the manager’s customer service quality

The system will record all conversations in two separate files: your employee’s speech in one file, and the client’s speech in another. In this way, you can analyze the loudness of your employee’s speech. If your operator or manager starts talking loudly - this conversation falls under the criterion for analysis.

The system can be flexibly tuned to the filter balance, taking into account the number of sharp bursts of voice and their duration.

Conversation loudness assessment to assess the quality of customer service over the phone


4. Voice recognition and search for stop phrases for automatic service quality assessment

When setting up separate recording of conversations to the voice of the operator and the voice of the client, it becomes possible to automatically analyze the conversation based on the said phrases. At the end of the conversation, the file with the recording of your employee’s conversation is recognized by the system and the received text is automatically analyzed. If the operator’s speech contained unacceptable phrases, then this conversation should be listened to and the situation should be figured out.

Operator and customer speech recognition to assess the quality of service over the phone


5. Integration of 1C and CRM systems with a system of automatic control and evaluation of a manager’s conversation quality or order fulfillment

The most convenient and effective option is to integrate the call quality assessment system in 1C and CRM systems.


  • 1C and CRM system already has customers’ phone numbers,
  • events occur in 1C and CRM system, such as closing a request after which you can call a client,
  • in 1C and CRM it is convenient to view reports of estimates,
  • it is possible to monitor the dynamics of assessments in the context of a client or employee (manager, operator),
  • to tie monetary motivation and wages to indicators of service quality by telephone,
  • the ability to conveniently create new survey questionnaires directly from 1C.

A system for assessing the quality of customer service in CRM or 1C, an example of a dashboard and reports

We are developers of an automatic system for monitoring and evaluating the quality of conversations and we can implement it in your organization. If necessary, we can modify the system to your needs and features of work, and also realize your wishes about the system.

Our call quality assessment system does not require any regular payments and is fully owned by you on your equipment.