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amoCRM: from setting up a funnel to integrating with Asterisk telephony


Our review of amoCRM

The feedback from our clients' employees about amoCRM and the requests for the integration of amoCRM with telephony and 1C made us study this CRM system in more detail.

Looking ahead, I’ll say that at the end of the article there is a bonus - one additional free month of working with amoCRM.

After those who worked with other CRM systems and project management systems, the first thing that catches your eye is an unusually small number of buttons and menus. There are so little of them that it seems "it will not work."

But having studied all the training material and worked only a couple of days in amoCRM, our opinion changed to the opposite - there is simply nothing superfluous in the system, only the necessary functionality for maintaining and monitoring sales. And this is the case when external minimalism hides the great work of developers! 


AmoCRM integration

The amoCRM system involves integration with almost anything:

  • Asterisk and FrePBX telephony integration with amoCRM;
  • integration with 1C will allow you to bill directly from amoCRM, search by contractors, etc.
  • integration with email, SMS, Telegram, Viber, Instagtamm notification distribution systems;
  • amoCRM integration with the site, landing pages, online store, order forms;
  • amoCRM connection with social networks for correspondence and advertising;
  • amoCRM integration with banks and payment services.

All additional functionality in amoCRM is added using widgets and by experienced programmers from various fields.

What is important, amoCRM developers have enabled customers to create their own modules that will add new features. Our programmers have studied how to do this and we are ready to offer you the development of integration modules and new widgets. As amoCRM official certified partners, we can guarantee the result of integration.


AmoCRM implementation

The process of implementing amoCRM is both simple and complex at the same time.

On the one hand, it is easily accepted by most managers who will work with amoCRM. After all, everyone appreciates when all the information is simple for understanding and effortless. In this sense, amoCRM acts as a convenient notebook in which everything is in its place:

  • organizations and contact people in a single place, with convenient search and tagging;
  • if you enter the contact, you will immediately see the whole list of events with it: correspondence, all your meetings and comments on them, each call with the date and the ability to listen to it, even what channel the client contacted for the first time and who answered him;
  • all mail, calls and correspondence is visible both in the mail and in the contact and transaction, where you can leave your any comments;
  • all new unassembled calls are collected in one place and they do not have to be searched for in all mailboxes, social networks, messages;
  • customizable sales funnel provides a whole range of amenities: from a quick understanding at what stage you have a particular transaction to the ability to automate the creation of tasks for managers when moving to a new stage, as well as much more;
  • reports allow you to evaluate the effectiveness of lead generation for each advertising channel, see the dynamics and performance of each manager - irreplaceable information for the head of the sales department and director.

Therefore, amoCRM is usually easily accepted by the sales department - everything is thought out, convenient, which really needed and was not enough before the implementation of amoCRM.

At the same time, a quick and competent implementation requires experience and a fine knowledge of amoCRM: setting up a sales funnel, general and personal mail for managers, telephony. Training in working with unassembled applications, creating tasks and meetings, effective methods for creating and managing contacts.

A lot of programmer work is required when implementing integration with telephony, integration with 1C, social networks and other modules in amoCRM.

We have successfully completed training and certification at amoCRM, our technical specialists and developers carry out all the work on implementing amoCRM.


BONUS when connecting and renewing amoCRM subscription

As an official amoCRM partner, we have the opportunity to give you an additional free month of working with amoCRM. You do not even need anything for this - just call or write to us. While this opportunity is still there - we recommend using it.